Diamond Braces Reviews

Diamond Braces consists of a team of highly experienced and trained orthodontists, who are in the forefront at using cutting edge technology to make the whole process of orthodontic treatment faster and fun, with finesse. We believe in providing quality and value for money and are famous in the Tri-State Area for our professional expertise and successful outcomes. We have thousands of fully satisfied patients who can vouch for the wonderful care they have received at the Diamond Braces offices across the board.

Our staff is highly trained so that the standard of care and patient experience is uniform across all offices. We have very strict policies when it comes to hygiene, confidentiality, and treatment standards. Diamond Braces adhere to all laws and principles pertaining to orthodontic practice and are one of the most respected and top rated orthodontic service providers in Tri State Area.

We believe that orthodontic treatment should be started only when the patient is fully equipped with the necessary knowledge to make an informed decision. So, we offer a pre-treatment complimentary consultation with our experts. You can do this online also by filling up a basic form and sending us some images as instructed and one of our orthodontists will get back to you. You can also speak with our staff at an office that is closest to you and we would be more than happy to address your doubts.

Apart from the pre- treatment complimentary consultation, we also provide a post-treatment lifetime smile maintenance guarantee. Our smile maintenance guarantee is a unique program that we offer as an extra benefit to our clients at no additional cost. Diamond Braces is one of very few purely orthodontic facility that provides this guarantee and we have so many happy customers who have taken advantage of this option and cannot stop raving about our service.

Apart from being the best in providing all kinds of orthodontic services, we are also the top 1% worldwide invisalign providers which means we are not only top rated providers, but we are also the ones handling a major chunk of the invisalign cases. That says a lot about our experience and the combined expertise of all our doctors and staff. We believe in transparency, therefore we post all our reviews and patient testimonials on our website. We encourage you to check them out and get to know the experience of our patients in their own words.

Do contact us if you have any more questions and we would be more than happy to help you. Remember, it is always important to verify the credentials and experience of your orthodontic care provider before starting with your treatment. We are very confident that once you speak to us, you would want to make us your preferred partner. Our confidence stems from our experience. Over the years, our patients have contributed towards us being a practice that understands the various reasons people seek orthodontic treatment and what really is required to make sure the patient goes back with a healthy, happy and satisfied smile. Our mission is to create millions of miles of smiles. We truly are passionate about creating the best smiles. Please visit any of our multiple orthodontic locations to see for yourself the service and expertise we offer.